Innovative and budget-conscious crafts and activities are presented in this outstanding workshop. Our Roylco representative Cathy will give you the tools you need to infuse creativity with effective learning strategies in your classroom!

Learn how to make a variety of arts and crafts activities for a range of age groups and educational subjects. Most projects cross over into other areas of learning such as science, math, literacy and social and emotional development. During this presentation, participants work with art materials in a hands-on environment at four or five “Make & Take” tables. Time is allowed for each participant to make their own unique artwork to take home! A separate table will display art ideas, craft suggestions and timesaving tips that Cathy will present after the initial crafting period.

After the presentation, Cathy will set aside time for an informal discussion with the audience to exchange further ideas. All resource and crafts materials are provided. Workshops usually cater to an audience of about 40-50 people although accommodations can be made for larger groups.

Book an appointment for this workshop and give your group of educators the skills they need for today’s dynamic classrooms! Note: Workshops currently only available in Ontario, Canada.

To schedule a workshop with Cathy, call 1-800-265-2794 or email:


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