Personalized Art Totes!


Store your art materials in personalized art totes! Make one for yourself (the ever-patient and longstanding art teacher) or invite your students to make one for you. The project is pretty simple and quick so students will love the opportunity to make more! Continue reading

Snowflake Wax Resist Art

Feature-Image-rubplatesnowflakesLearn the technique for making beautiful wax resist art–give your students something to work on as they return to their school routine after the holidays, and help them create an art piece that they can be proud of! Continue reading

Art With Ms. K uses our Fossil Rubbing Plates!

017Ms. Katzin of Art with Ms. K used several of our rubbing plates, including R5870 Linear Rubbing Plates and R5817 Animal Skins Rubbing Plates, as texture mats for clay sculptures. She explores a variety of textures and materials and guides her students to make gorgeous clay pendants! Continue reading

Summer Fun: Ice Cream Cones

Feature-Image-icecreamrubplatesI scream for ICE CREAM! Summertime’s best cold treat is ready to be served! To make the different ice cream scoops, use our R5841 Optical Illusion Rubbing Plates, R5817 Animal Skins Rubbing Plates, R5839 Texture Rubbing Plates or R5870 Linear Rubbing Plates! Continue reading