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 We strive to give you the best value for our products! We have greatly benefited from exposure to ideas and influences from around the world. Some of these ideas have been reflected in our products including our multi-cultural art resources and our modern foreign language kits. Even our science products have benefited from our global perspective! When creating products featuring animals, minerals, insects, sea creatures and geography, we search the world for the widest range of subjects in order to give children the broadest perspective possible. Beyond a long and varied history in manufacturing, we offer a huge range of capabilities.

Check out our favorite parenting/teacher sites below!

Feathered Nest Studio


Jennet’s inspirational posts focus on a variety of educational crafts for her kids. In addition, she showcases her artistic talent with handmade Etsy designs! Jennet’s work was featured in our guest post “Watercolor Leaves.”

Random Bits

RB Button

Hallie makes wonderful projects with her little tot Phee! They have immense fun together and have been featured in our guest post “Quick and Easy Fall Crafts“!

Caution! Twins at Play!


Kristen and her boys have awesome crafts to share with you! Check out their light table posts for enlightening ideas!

Art with Ms. K


Mollie’s crafts are so uniquely inspiring! She has an amazing store of art ideas that she uses in her classroom with fantastic results. Her posts feature colorful and detailed photos of her students’ work.

Craft and Repeat


treepartybutton2Brianna is a stay-at-home mom with a passion for the arts. She incorporates her son into many of her art projects and documents his foray into the art world. I love to check back often! Our posts are featured on her Monday Link Party!

Surviving on a Teacher’s Salary

Crystal makes great reviews about children’s educational materials, including some of our own!

A Mom’s Take


Janel is a great enthusiast for recipes, holiday crafts, gifts and more!

Thanks, Mail Carrier!

Xenia’s a big fan of Roylco! Check out her awesome reviews.

Measuring Flower


TJ, Tiffany and Amanda all blog about their experiences as mothers and the best products for children!

Mommy Living the Life of Riley


Find the best reviews and giveaways here on Melissa’s site!

Shelly’s Bits & Pieces


Shelly makes honest and heartfelt reviews. You can find a lot of interesting stuff on her site!

Rave and Review

Get Out and PLAY 150

Leanne and Tyler are a wife-husband team who began this blog in 2008. Great stuff!

Mommy’s Memorandum

mommy's memorandum button

Julee has an amazing presence online and in print–she’s written articles for tons of popular magazines. Her blog articles are great too. Check it out!

The Freebie Junkie


Angela’s passionate about bringing the best product value to families everywhere! Check out her blog for great deals.

3 Garnets 2 Sapphires

Jan gives readers all there is to know about raising 3 kids–especially when it comes to blending education with fun!

Stuff Parents Need


Tiffany is so honest and down-to-earth. Her posts are made purely to help her readers benefit from her experiences as a mummy of 2.

The Big Blog Collection


Find your resource of WordPress blogs in every subject!

Squarehead Teacher

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Wonderful site full of resources for teachers in elementary grades. Check out all the cool FREE stuff!

Pink and Green Mama


MaryLea’s site is full of goodies! Her website tagline, “Create * Play * Explore,” is perfect for describing the fun ideas she showcases on her website.

Crafty Staci


Staci’s website is filled with crafty fun! She has great recipes to share; check out her weekly craft roundups!

Nerd in the Brain

NITB Logo 200 x 200 px WHITE

Nerd in the Brain champions premium educational experiences with incredible activities! Check out their awesome Etsy page for wonderful downloadable resources!



Check out our favorite party of craft links! Interact with other crafty websites through this valuable resource!

A Differentiated Kindergarten

A Differentiated Kindergarten

Beautiful photos of projects and lesson plans used in a kindergarten classroom!

Craft Bloggers Network

Craft Bloggers Network

A great network site for fellow craft bloggers! Visit to view some incredible talent!

Kid Bloggers Network

Link up with other Kid Bloggers just like yourself! Check out the various link parties, challenges and contests to get started!

Weekly Kids Co-Op Link Party

I Was Featured at The Weekly Kids Co-Op

YAY! We were featured on a Link Party Roundup! Check it out here!

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