Craft Spotlight: Paint Bellows!

Feature-Image-paintbellowsThis week’s craft post focuses on our versatile Paint Bellows! These simple art tools make a big statement with interesting paint effects! The unique accordion-like chamber allows paint to be drawn into the bellow and helps propel the paint out when it is depressed and released. Watch the video for a look at what kinds of projects you can use Paint Bellows in! Continue reading

Judy’s Handmade Creations uses our Bright Buttons!

Summer mini 1

Judy from Judy’s Handmade Creations used our Bright Buttons to decorate lovely handmade cards! R2131 Bright Buttons are perfect for a variety of different projects, including scrapbooking and collage! Continue reading

Rachel from Color and Collage uses our Skintone Paper!

IMG_3450Following the line of Romare Bearden-inspired artwork is this project gem from Color and Collage! Rachel shows us how her students used our R15233 Skintone Paper to make these colorful Rockstar Portraits!  Continue reading

Patt’sArt uses our Insect Rubbing Plates!

IMG_1187Patt from Patt’sArt uses our R5803 Insect Rubbing Plates to make beautiful textile prints. She rubs special fabric ink to bring the texture onto the textile piece. Check it out! Continue reading

BIG IDEAS: Stained Glass Window Tessellations

Feature-Image-tessstainedglassCover your entire classroom window with beautiful stained glass designs. Match the edges of the adorable animal shapes to create perfect tessellations. Teach students about tessellations, colors, light refraction, puzzle matching and more! Continue reading

Nelli Family uses our Craft Sticks and Buttons!

IMG_1241NelliFamily used the Craft Stick Puppets kit that we produced a while back to make these adorable puppets. The kit provided a ton of puppet projects for children to assemble and accessorize.  Continue reading