Origami Triangle Box

finished craft

This adorable origami project is perfect for desks or as a holiday gift container! 

This origami project looks professional and beautiful when it is complete, but it’s simple enough for little fingers to easily fold!

Age: 4+

Duration: 5-8 minutes

Learning Outcomes: Introduce students to origami. Exercise fine motor skills. Practice precise folding techniques. Use in the classroom or as a gift container. Explore shapes and their attributes.

You’ll Need:

step 1.jpg


For one box, each student will need three sheets of origami paper. Begin by folding all three sheets diagonally, so you have three triangles. During this process, remember to talk to your students about shapes. Ask them to describe their square sheets of paper, and once they have folded them, talk about the different kinds of triangles, their attributes, and how to tell them apart.

step 2.jpg

Turn your three triangles so the point is facing away from you on the table. The take the left bottom corner, and fold it upwards so it meets the center point. Crease firmly. Repeat this with the other two triangles.

step 3.jpg

Now fold the right bottom corner the same way on all three of your sheets!

step 4.jpg

Now you should have three diamond shapes on the table in front of you. Open the two folds, so you have triangles in front of you again. Turn the triangles so the point is TOWARDS you on the table. Now fold the center point up until it meets the center of the flat edge. Crease the fold.

step 5.jpg

Unfold the sheets so you have three triangles again. Turn all three triangles so the center point is AWAY from you. It’s time to start constructing your box. The fold lines on your triangles should demarcate four smaller triangles inside your large triangle. Carefully slide one triangle inside another until they line up like this:

step 6.jpg

The folds allow you to carefully curve the green sheet around and slide it inside the purple sheet, completing your box. The three triangles on the bottom overlap to give your container a floor. You can secure the bottom with a small piece of tape if you wish.

step 7.jpg

To create a larger version of this box, try using our R15208 Really Big Origami Paper!


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