R15203 Decorative Hues Paper

15203 Decorative Hues Paper video

This huge variety of paper patterns includes everything from subtle tints and complex patterns to super saturated solid colors! Excite your students’ imaginations with 192 sheets in a pack!
Energize students’ visual development with patterns and color while introducing color theory. Enhance fine motor skills through cutting and pasting activities.

15203 Decorative Hues Paper

Make paper chains. Position the paper lengthwise, blank side up. Fold the paper in half, then fold again. Open the paper. You should have 3 creases running lengthwise across the paper. Use the creases as cutting guidelines to make 4 strips. Bend one strip pattern side up and attach the ends to make a loop, then add a second strip and attach the ends to make another loop. Continue looping more strips through each loop until you have the desired chain length.

Create cool, hip clothes for paper dolls out of Decorative Hues Paper. Choose your Paper Doll of choice from one of our Paper Doll Pads and lay it onto a sheet of paper. Trace around the edge of the Paper Doll. To make the pants, trace only around the legs and connect the lines when you remove the doll. Similarly, trace around the upper body area to make the shirt. Cut out the resulting tracings. Use different types of paper sheets to add a variety of pattern and color to your Paper Doll’s overall outfit.

Make origami art! Visit http://www.Roylco.com to find a great selection of origami ideas in our online guides! Use scraps from craft projects for mosaic illustrations!

Check out some of these great projects that we’ve made in the past using our R15203 Decorative Hues Paper:


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