Earth Mosaic Glass Jars


Our beautiful R15666 Earth Mosaics are perfect for decorating glass jars! Use a watered-down glue solution to adhere the mosaics to the jars. You can use any old recycled jars or ask your class to bring in their own. Makes a great rainy-day or calming activity! Continue reading

Earth Mosaics

15666 Earth Tone Mosaics girl web

There is no end to the fun nature-themed crafts you can make with R15666 Earth Tone Mosaics. The squares come in rich, earthy tones of different colors such as blue, green, yellow, orange, and others. Continue reading

Accordion Critters Puppet Theatre


Using the Accordion Critters as puppets can be great fun! Students will already be tempted to take their critters around the classroom to let the accordion-folded legs fly through the air. Take these spontaneous creative activities to center stage with a puppet theatre play. Continue reading

Accordion Critters


Bounce around with R10300 Accordion Critters! Use the full color animal projects to teach children how to fold paper accordion style—an essential exercise for developing fine motor skills. Continue reading