Tube Craft Flower

tube crafts flowers

Using simple materials such as tube rolls and tissue paper, you can make the most intriguing flower decorations for your summer display! Try it with our R39301 Tube Crafts!

Age: 5+

Duration: 5-10 minutes

Learning Objectives: Use scissor skills to create beautiful flower decorations. Develop fine motor skills through rolling and securing the tubes. Create a lovely decorative addition to your spring/summer art display.

tube crafts flowers

You’ll Need:

R39301 Tube Crafts

• Scissors

• Tissue paper

• Tape

• Construction paper

• Pencil


tube crafts flowers

Choose one of the flat Tube Crafts. The tubes have colors on both sides so you can roll it according to the side you want.

tube crafts flowers

Gently roll the card into a tube shape and secure with the specially designed notches and tabs. This tube will form the base of the flower.

tube crafts flowers

Next, cut a long strip of tissue paper from your sheet. If you have smaller lengths of tissue, you can simply tape them together. The strip should be about 3 x 16″ wide.

tube crafts flowers

Accordion fold the strip of paper until it is all neatly tucked into a square.

tube crafts flowers

Cut the unfolded edge into a half circle shape, making sure to keep the side folds intact.

tube crafts flowers

Unfold the chain to reveal a petal-like design.

tube crafts flowers

Gather up the tissue paper that you will use to form the center of the flower.

tube crafts flowers

Scrunch all four corners together in the center and secure with a piece of tape.

tube crafts flowers

Tape one edge of the petal chain onto the top of your Tube Craft and roll it all the way around the tube edge.

tube crafts flowers

Once the tube is completely rolled with the tissue paper, fold the petals outward.

tube crafts flowers

Stuff the center of the flower inside the tube and secure with tape.

tube crafts flowers

Cut a strip of paper from the construction paper sheet.

tube crafts flowers

Fold the strip of construction paper in half and cut from the fold line to make a leaf shape. Unfold the sheet of construction paper.

tube crafts flowers

Tape the leaf shape to the back of the tube to finalize the flower.

tube crafts flowers

With these techniques, you can make a full garden of flowers!


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