Paper Trees

wood paper trees

This is our first post about our newest product−R15294 Terrific Tree Paper! The tree paper can be used to explore natural botany with its unique prints of tree bark and wood grain on either side.

Age: 4+

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Learning Objectives: Learn about natural botany through the shape and construction of the trees. Create a forest for diorama or display projects. Talk about the different types of wood barks and wood grains printed on the sheets. Identify the different species of trees to go along with the printed sheets.

wood paper trees

You’ll Need:

R15294 Terrific Tree Craft Paper

R15656 Autumn Leaves Paper Bits

• Tape

• Glue

• Scissors


wood paper trees

Take a sheet of Terrific Tree Paper.

wood paper trees

Fold the right side of the paper in towards the halfway mark on the sheet.

wood paper trees

Fold the left side of the paper 1/8 across the length of the paper.

wood paper trees

Unfold the flaps. Cut slits across the paper up to the fold lines on either side. The slits can be about 1″ to 2″ apart.

wood paper trees

Roll the long side of the flat sheet into a cylinder, which will form the tree, and tape the sides together. Fold out the shorter tabs at the bottom of the tree.

wood paper trees

Curl down the longer tabs at the top of the tree and tape the Autumn Leaves Paper Bits to the ends of the tabs.

wood paper trees

This is what the tree looks like when the branches have been fully decorated with leaves.

wood paper trees

Combine every student’s tree project together to make a beautiful forest for a nature display, like this one!

You can incorporate this craft into a lesson about natural sciences and teach your students about the importance of plants and the environment. Among other activities, try making crafts such as:

A paper mask using found or paper leaves, like our R15335 Spring and Autumn Leaves

Wreaths made from leaves, nuts, pinecones and other natural objects, with details from our R15334 Crafty Leaves

• Make animals from natural objects! Combine the shapes together to make a fish, bird, bunny and more!


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