Spotlight on… Newspaper Builders

newspaper builders

At last year’s art camp, we put together an amazing structure using our Newspaper Builders… What did we make? Read on below for more details! 

newspaper builders

The Newspaper Builders kit includes several clear plastic tubes and an assortment of connectors. They are intended for use with recyclable papers from magazines or newspapers, hence the name! In order to make your tubes, tape the clear plastic tubes to either end of the sheet of newspaper. Roll up the newspaper and tape the roll tightly to secure. Above, Jasmine is fitting one of the connectors into the plastic tube inside of the paper roll.

newspaper builders

The paper rolls were painted before we gave them to the campers. You can use regular tempura paint and just give your paper rolls a once-over. Leave the rolls to dry for about an hour or two. Once everyone understood how we attach the connectors to the paper rolls, we began to build our base.

newspaper builders

Once we had a base started, we could start building upwards. The kids began aligning the tubes together at 45 degree angles. It’s getting easier to guess the shape of their sculpture at this point, right?

newspaper builders

We loved catching collaborative moments like this! The question was whether or not the connector was able to hold up the two tubes together. The boys needed to help each other hold the structure while the rest of the pieces were connected together.

newspaper builders

Now we’re getting somewhere!!

newspaper builders

Have you figured it out yet?

newspaper builders

It’s a square-based pyramid! It’s a great idea to build the pyramid as a classroom fort. Children can crawl in through the open sides and use the space for quiet reading or as a play center.


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