Light Cube: Colorful Block Combinations

light cube blocks

We’ve established many times that working with blocks on the Light Cube is a great way to engage students who love to build–it helps to focus their attention with beautiful light and color combinations! 

light cube blocks

These blocks were found at our local toy store but we found them to work amazingly well with the Light Cube. We set the glow to a soft white and placed the blocks on top.

light cube blocks

We asked our friend Stephano to arrange the blocks into the tallest tower he could manage to make on top of the Light Cube.

light cube blocks

Since the blocks are rectangular, they can only be stacked together in an intertwined pattern like Jenga blocks!

light cube blocks

We showed Stephano how to interlock the pieces together. As he gradually stacked upwards, he started to turn the blocks in different angles, which produced a slightly different tower than the one we envisioned.

light cube blocks

Here is the tower all finished! Look at that amazing lean… what will happen when Stephano plays a round of Jenga?

light cube blocks

He decided not to ruin his tower, as it was accomplished with a neat new building pattern! When have you seen a Jenga tower look so sculptural?

light cube blocks

…But we dared Stephano to try removing one block anyway and he settled for selecting one from the top. The whole top half went crashing down! “That’s okay,” Stephano told us, “I’ll build it up again!”


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