Light Cube: There’s a man on the moon… sand!

light cube sand

Moon sand is a great tool for playing with on the Light Cube. Place it inside a snugly fitting Light Cube tray to keep it from spilling over the sides.

light cube sand

Moon sand can be made at home with a few simple ingredients such as cornstarch, sand and water. To learn more about how to make your own moon sand, visit the link here!

light cube sand

Using our little vials, we asked our friend Ciara to pack the sand into little columns. How long could she get the columns to stand before they slide apart?

light cube sand

Ciara decided to mold a little snowman out of the moon sand. It actually held really well together, so she added some straws to form the snowman’s arms.

light cube sand

All done and still standing! The rest of the moon sand looked a lot like snow on the ground being illuminated by the Light Cube underneath.


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