Light Cube: Salad Tray Sorting

light cube sorting tray

Sorting interesting items in a see-through tray on the Light Cube is a great way to focus students on the task at hand. Instead of being distracted by a surrounding environment, each child will deliberately place the items on the sorting tray, using the glow of the Light Cube as their focal point.

light cube sorting tray

We asked our friend Jasmine to take all the assorted sizes of stars in the center of the tray and organize them into individual groups. We found the tray at our local dollar store, but a similar snack or salad tray can be used as well!

light cube sorting tray

The stars were found at the dollar store too, but you can use anything that is available in different sizes–such as marbles, beads or even toy animals!

light cube sorting tray

Jazzy had a great time comparing the different star sizes together to see which one was bigger or smaller. She made great use of comparison words in describing the different sizes!

light cube sorting tray

The glow of the Light Cube made this simple activity much more interesting and enjoyable!


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