Father’s Day Card

2014-06-04-FeatureImageSay something special to dad with beautiful craft paper designs. Trace out your hands and use the instructions provided in this post to make the collared shirts and ties for your Father’s Day Cards! 

Age: 5+

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Lesson Objectives: Engage fine motor development through tracing, cutting and pasting. Coordinate various sheets of patterned or full color paper together. Practice handwriting a personal message into the card.

You will need:

R15243 Fabulous Fabric Craft Paper / R15233 Skintone Craft Paper

• Tie template

• Collared shirt template

• Glue / tape

• Pencil crayon / crayons

• Pencil

• Scissors


This craft lesson is divided into several parts:

1. Separate one sheet of paper into the “shirt” card and shirt collar.

2. Design the tie.

3. Make the heart-shaped hands.

4. Decorate the inside of the card with the hands.

The design for this project is easy with our handy templates. Simply print them out onto 8.5 x 11″ sheet of paper and cut the templates out. Place the templates onto the craft paper and trace.

P5289243The craft papers feature bright, colorful and lively patterns that are sure to match up with dad’s personality!

P5289244First, choose a color or patterned sheet of paper for dad’s shirt.


Lay the paper horizontally on the long side. Fold it in half vertically.


Fold down the top of the paper about 1″ from the top.


Cut that portion of the paper using the fold line as a guide.


Don’t discard either piece, though! You will need the large piece to make the card, while the small piece will be used for the collar.

P5289251Cut about a third off the open end of the paper strip.

P5289252Unfold the paper strip. This will form the collar for the shirt.


Take one section at one end of the paper strip and fold it at a 45 degree angle into the interior of the collar.

P5289254Repeat for the opposite side until they meet exactly in the middle with their upper corners.

P5289255Now to make the tie! Select a colorful sheet of patterned paper.

P5289256Fold about 1″ of the top edge down to show the unprinted side. You will use this unprinted strip to draw one half of the tie.


Draw a 2-step zig-zag down the length of the strip. A tie shape is mostly made up of triangles. Make a smaller triangle at the top and a larger triangle at the bottom. You’ll notice that I didn’t let the top triangle touch either edge of the paper strip. The bottom triangle can touch the edge, however.


Cut along the penciled tie outline. Unfold.

P5289260Flip the tie shape over to the unprinted side. Place it up against the inside of the collar. Tape together.


Glue the back of the tie and collar piece to the outside of the card.

P5289263Slide the collar just a bit underneath the top edge of the card.


The shirt and tie combo is complete!


Select a sheet of Skintone Craft Paper. This will be used to form the hands on the inside of the card.

P5289266Fold the sheet of paper in half.


Cut the sheets into two pieces along the fold line.


Each sheet will be used to make a hand.

P5289269Fold the sheet of paper in half again. This time, leave the unprinted side up.


To make the hand shape, first practice putting your hands together to form the heart shape in the center. Align your forefingers and thumbs together. You will need to shift the position of your fingers so that your forefingers are pressing straight against each other while the thumbs should be curved into each other.

You might need to adjust the shape several times before you get a nice heart curve going on! Once you are satisfied with the appearance, keep one hand in that position while you use the other hand to slide the folded sheet underneath the positioned hand. Make sure that the thumb and forefinger are placed slightly over the folded edge of the sheet. Trace out the hand shape.


Cut out the shape.

P5289272Unfold and flip over to reveal the shape. See the heart in the center?

P5289273Now you can paste the hands onto the card!

P5289274Place the hands facing down so that the heart shape is visible. Make sure the fingers are touching the bottom edge of the card. This will give you space above to write your special message to dad!

P5289275Use crayons to write in your message. Don’t forget to color in the heart too!


Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there!


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