Feely Bag Find-It Letters

Feature-Image-eyespygameCan you find all the letters of the alphabet? Check out our tutorial below for an easy-to-make game students will love playing with during rainy days! This project uses our R2184 Manuscript Letter Beads which help students feel for the shape of each letter as they search for them! 

Age: 4-7

Duration: 15 minutes

You’ll Need:

• R2184 Manuscript Letter Beads

• R2114 Colored Rice

• Ziploc® bag

• Tuck tape or duct tape


The objective of the Feely Bag Find-It game is to locate and find all the letters or numbers placed into the bag using touch. Students can “feel” and look for various kinds of letters or numbers, for example, letters that are vowels, consonants, uppercase or lowercase. These different rules help students reinforce different linguistic concepts while playing with the Feely Find It Bags!


This is a pretty easy project that most young students can help out with. You can make multiple kinds of Feely Bags–for uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers or even miniature action figures! Note: Be careful when handling Colored Rice as it can spill everywhere if not properly siphoned into the bags. Use a measuring cup or spoon to transfer the Colored Rice from its container to the Feely Bag.


First seal up all three sides of the Ziploc® bag with colorful or decorative duct tape. This helps to ensure that the Colored Rice won’t seep out in case there is a rip in any of the edges.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFill the Ziploc® bag with the Colored Rice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext, place in the Manuscript Letter Beads or Math Beads.


Close the opening in the Ziploc® bag and seal with another strip of duct tape. Note: Gently press out all of the air from the bag through the opening before closing it up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShake the bag to mix all the contents together and hide all the visible beads in the mass of Colored Rice.

Give students a time frame to find all their beads or have students sit in a circle and pass the Feelie Find-It Bag around so that each student can locate one assigned letter or number bead.


Tell us how today’s project went by sending us an email to us! Contact us through the contact form. Send us photos of your students’ work and we will write up a feature post highlighting your classroom crafting adventures!

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3 thoughts on “Feely Bag Find-It Letters

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  2. Hi, I think my kindergarten students would enjoy this! When I get some spare time I’ll have to make some of these bags! I will definitely order the beads, and a few other great Roylco products like your paint scrapers which I need to replace since I had to leave them behind at my old job!

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