VOTE FOR US @ Martha Stewart’s American Made Contest!

Hey there, blogger friends! Roylco has signed up for Martha Stewart’s American Made Contest! We need your help to reach the top of the nominees list!! Vote for us at the link!

We’re so excited to be a part of this contest! We look forward to seeing our name climb up the ranks of the Craft category. You can see some of our featured products at the link below:


In order to vote, you must sign in to register. The site is experiencing a few hiccups, so you will need to register, then re-click the link to vote for us.Β Each person who signs in gets to have SIX VOTES for each day. Give us your votes and help us get to the top!!

We’d appreciate it so much!

logo-horiz welcome-mat-american-made-313-alt_horiz

Roylco is a developer, manufacturer and exporter of innovative hands-on educational, specialty toy and crafts products for classrooms and homes around the world. Our products are for all ages!

We adhere strictly to our policy of making only original ideas. We purchase raw materials from local suppliers and complete the products domestically in our factory. We have been manufacturing since 1969 when we started with basic classroom staples.

Over time, as things evolved in the classroom, things changed at Roylco. We grew by focusing on art materials for younger children. We printed paper in fun designs and cut out sponges for dip and print painting. One innovative product led to more possibilities.

As we continued to grow, so did our manufacturing capabilities – new machines, better production methods, good old-fashioned North American innovation! Now we develop science, mathematics, language and sensory products that are engaging and fun for young children.


We are constantly developing and finding new ways to make original products that inspire creativity at affordable prices. Our product collection is vast and manufactured by us from start to finish, including the retail packaging. We have fast turn-around from conception to finished product.


The best advice we have received is to hire people that are more talented and creative than we are.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HELPS US OUT! Leave a comment in the space below if you voted for us!!

Line-18We love working closely with our fans to ensure the best possible educational value from our products. We stand by our work and would love to read your comments, suggestions, questions and ideas. Drop us a line through our contact form!

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We love art! After 40 years, we continue to be a leader in innovative and unique art materials. Our mission is to help teachers make educating children exciting, engaging and creative. We demonstrate our commitment to teachers through the quality and affordability of our products. We lead the industry in innovation and design. Our belief is that healthy learning comes from healthy minds and bodies. For over 40 years, Roylco has been creating unique and innovative hands-on products in art, science, math, special needs, literacy, socials studies and early childhood that will engage children as well as empower teachers and parents. Our product line consists of over 400 products in a variety of educational subjects that meet the National Standards.

5 thoughts on “VOTE FOR US @ Martha Stewart’s American Made Contest!

    • Hi Daniellajoe! It’s true; the site’s got a lot of issues right now and I’m not sure why they haven’t tried to fix it in a while. But once you sign in and it hits the ‘not found’ page, try re-clicking the link I’ve given in the post. It should take you to the Martha Stewart voting website where the first part of your email address before @ will appear on the top right corner. You can then cast your vote. That’s the only way I’ve been able to get around it! Hopefully that helps! πŸ˜›

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