Patt’sArt uses our Insect Rubbing Plates!

IMG_1187Patt from Patt’sArt uses our R5803 Insect Rubbing Plates to make beautiful textile prints. She rubs special fabric ink to bring the texture onto the textile piece. Check it out!

Patt published her process in four posts. In each post, she used a new insect to decorate the quartiles of her textile piece. She chose four of the insect types featured in our R5803 Insect Rubbing Plates. Patt’s first post was published on January 18, 2013. In this first post, she used the dragonfly rubbing plate to decorate one portion of the textile. She shows you the start of the process at her blog post: “New Experiment… Rubbing Plate Art.”

Check out all her posts including our R5803 Insect Rubbing Plates below:

New Experiment… Rubbing Plate Art (January 18, 2013)

Butterfly Butterfly (January 21, 2013)

Bumble Bee (January 22, 2013)


Patt first secured the dragonfly rubbing plate with tape to her work desk in order to hold it in place. She then set the textile on top and used a fabric marker to gently rub on the texture. To keep the fabric marker from blotching out the image, Patti suggests de-saturating the marker by rubbing it up against a scrap piece of textile. You can then control how much of the marker ink is used to rub the texture through.

IMG_1186And voila! The image just pops right out!

IMG_1197 (1)In Patti’s second post of the series on textile printing, she uses the Butterfly Insect Rubbing Plate! The post is entitled “Butterfly Butterfly” and can be found at the link.

Patti uses multiple markers on the prints to add colorful details.

IMG_1207 (1)Here is another print using the Bee Insect Rubbing Plate. She used orange and light brown to add details to the edges of the wings and bug body. Beautiful! Find more at her post called “Bumble Bee.”

Find out more tips and techniques at Patti’s blog posts!

Thanks to Patti for sharing her work!

Images and original post © PattsArt.

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