Nurture Creek uses our Straws and Connectors!


Sherry from Nurture Creek posted photos of her son’s Christmas fun in 2008! One of his presents happened to be our very own Straws and Connectors! Visit her post to learn more about his Straws and Connectors structure–dubbed, the “Monkey House!” Continue reading

BIG IDEAS: Stained Glass Window Tessellations

Feature-Image-tessstainedglassCover your entire classroom window with beautiful stained glass designs. Match the edges of the adorable animal shapes to create perfect tessellations. Teach students about tessellations, colors, light refraction, puzzle matching and more! Continue reading

MAKE’s Phillip Torrone reviews our Human X-Rays!

I was sent this link a while back and figured I’d let the craft world know about the reception one of our products got at the NYC Toy Fair in 2008. Phillip Torrone of MAKE was present at the Toy Fair and had his own fun review to make about this educational resource! Continue reading

Nelli Family uses our Craft Sticks and Buttons!

IMG_1241NelliFamily used the Craft Stick Puppets kit that we produced a while back to make these adorable puppets. The kit provided a ton of puppet projects for children to assemble and accessorize.  Continue reading