Summer Fun: Ice Cream Cones

Feature-Image-icecreamrubplatesI scream for ICE CREAM! Summertime’s best cold treat is ready to be served! To make the different ice cream scoops, use our R5841 Optical Illusion Rubbing Plates, R5817 Animal Skins Rubbing Plates, R5839 Texture Rubbing Plates or R5870 Linear Rubbing Plates!

Rubbing plates are a great way to get children to develop their fine motor skills. As they hold down the rubbing plate and paper with one hand, they must use their dominant hand to rub crayon across the paper and reveal the ridges in the rubbing plate pattern. Make as many scoops as you like with this summer fun craft! Be sure to check out our templates for the ice cream scoops and the ice cream cones!

Duration: 15 minutes

Age: 3-6

You’ll Need:

• R5841 Optical Illusion Rubbing Plates

• R5817 Animal Skins Rubbing Plates

• R5839 Texture Rubbing Plates

• R5870 Linear Rubbing Plates

• Ice cream scoop template

• Ice cream cone template

• Crayons

• Scissors

• Paper (optional)

Line-02Access the Ice cream scoop template and the Ice cream cone template! Print out the pdf templates onto 8.5 x 11″ paper. Lay out all your materials onto your craft station.

_5211716Choose one of the provided rubbing plates and place the cones on top. We used one of the R5841 Optical Illusion Rubbing Plates for this step. The cube illusion patterns the cone to look like a waffle cone! Rub with a brown crayon to complete the look.

_5211718Cut out the ice cream cone with scissors!

_5211721Use the remaining rubbing plates to get different kinds of ice cream scoop effects! Choose bright pastel colored crayons for the ice cream scoops. Combine the colors to make them look like mixed ice cream.

_5211724After you cut out the ice cream scoops, layer them one on top of another above the cone. Set the ice cream cone against a Bristol board backdrop and glue all the layers down together.

Make the tallest ice cream with layers of ice cream scoops! Check out the animation below to see how to put it all together!


That’s a massive hunk of ice cream!!


What kind of ice cream flavors do you like? Try out our ice cream craft and tell us what you think! Send us photos of your work to get featured on our next blog post. Contact us through the contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

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