Special Post: Art With Ms. K uses our Paint Scrapers!

0602Using our R5451 Paint Scrapers, Ms. K’s class painted beautiful decorative papers to use in their collage art projects! This art project is featured on Art With Ms. K.

Check out the amazing talent of her students! Ms. K combined a variety of art techniques to help students illustrate their most favorite memories. As Ms. K mentions in her post, “These collages became a snapshot of time and something the kids really connected with.” The post is entitled “Memory Collages.” Click on the title to view the post!

x002-2The students painted a solid color onto a sheet of paper. While the paint is still dry, students dragged the paint scrapers across the sheet and formed a variety of textured prints. The image above shows how one student dragged her paint scraper first horizontally then vertically across the sheet of paper to get a unique plaid look! What a perfect texture for her dress!


This artist used a thinner paint scraper to get a lovely weave effect! The brown matches wonderfully with the purple! As you can see in the image, some students decided to combine colors before using the paint scrapers. Ms. K integrated aspects of color theory throughout her lesson to help students get acquainted with how colors can be arranged and matched in interesting ways.

x076Some students even found that they could turn their projects into 3D collage pieces! This student’s ingenious take on a camping scene inspired some of his classmates to do the same with their projects.

Thanks to Mollie for this inspirational post!

Images and original post © Art With Ms. K.

This post was not sponsored for a review. At LittleFingersBigArt, our mission is to present to our readers and viewers the newest and most creative craft ideas that fans of Roylco have made on their own. Our goal is to allow you and other educators and parents to reuse our products in fun ways so that children always get the best educational experience from them!

We’d love to see more ideas like this one! If you’ve got a brilliant craft idea or have made a version of one of our crafts that you would like to share with us, send an email to us with photos, descriptions or a link to your work. We will create a feature post and link back to you with full credit. Contact us through the contact form. We’d love to hear from you!


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