Summer Fun: Ice Cream Cones

Feature-Image-icecreamrubplatesI scream for ICE CREAM! Summertime’s best cold treat is ready to be served! To make the different ice cream scoops, use our R5841 Optical Illusion Rubbing Plates, R5817 Animal Skins Rubbing Plates, R5839 Texture Rubbing Plates or R5870 Linear Rubbing Plates! Continue reading

2FlowersLearn Explores our First Look Light Table Kit!

img_3174w2FlowersLearn lays out the contents of our R59260 First Look Light Table Kit! What they found was an assortment of materials all geared towards encouraging open-ended light table play. Continue reading

Special Post: Feathered Nest Studio uses our Bug Bodies!


Spring is in the air and summer is just around the corner! What better way to get your children ready for some outdoor fun than make Bug Bodies into their favorite flying friends? Jennet of Feathered Nest Studio has once again adapted a great craft using our R2450 Bug Bodies. Check it out here! Continue reading