Color Diffusing Paper Weaving Strips

Feature-Image-diffpaperweaveWatch the colors blend and arrange themselves on incredible Color Diffusing Paper! Combine the colored sheets to make beautiful weaving mats! Exercise those fine motor skills while weaving! We’ll use scalloped scissors to cut the dried Color Diffusing Paper into strips then weave them into mats. Each weaving mat will look uniquely different from everyone else’s depending on what methods children use to color it, spray it and dry it! I give you some tips to try out below with your sheets of Color Diffusing Paper.

Duration: 20 minutes for decorating the Color Diffusing Paper. It will need to dry overnight. To cut the dried paper into weaving strips and weave your mat, you will need another 20 minutes.

Age: 5-10

You’ll need:

R15212 Color Diffusing Sheets 12 x 18″

R7512 Fingerpaint “No Mess” Tray

• Watercolor paint OR markers

• Water-filled spray bottle

• Scrapbook scalloped scissors

• Tape


For this activity, you will need to give children 2 sheets of the Color Diffusing Paper.

_4181343It’s best to provide your students with paint trays that they can easily work on without making a mess on their desks. Check out our trays here!

_4181345If you are using the marker technique like the one I show above, you can use any thickness or draw anything you like onto the Color Diffusing Paper, even if all you draw are squiggles! Use the entire rainbow of colors or use complementary colors to fill in the sheet.


Check out this nifty animation of how to use the Color Diffusing Paper!

_4181400Once you are finished coloring your paper, spray it with the water-filled spray bottle. The colors will start to bleed and blend around in a gorgeous assortment of colors! You can see what my markered Color Diffusing Paper ended up looking like. On the left we have one that was made with dabs of watercolor. Once I felt I had enough dabs of the paint on the paper, I sprayed it also with the bottle. The water spreads across the highly absorbent paper, pushing the ink along with it!

Leave the Color Diffusing Paper to dry for about an hour or overnight if you wish. A fun way to play with the colors as they dry is  to sprinkle salt over the artwork! Salt will repel some of the ink in certain places to give the overall sheet a starry, glittery effect.

_4181402You will need to decide which sheet will be your base sheet and which sheet will form the weaving strips. For the base sheet, use the scalloped scissors to cut the paper lengthwise into strips. These will be the longest strips. You don’t have to be precise about this part. The strips can be different widths. For the weaving strips, cut the sheet across width-wise. These will be shorter than the base sheet strips.

_4181404Lay out all the base sheet strips side by side so that they are all vertical. Hold them in place with a strip of tape going across the bottom edge. You can tape down to a desk to assist with this part. The base sheet stays stationary while the children weave the other set of strips in.


Start weaving across the row closest to the bottom and slide the weaving strip under the first base strip on the far left. Pass it over the second base strip and slide it under the third base strip. Continue this pattern until you reach the far right side, then start with a second weaving strip on the next row beside the first one.

For the next row, you will need to slide the weaving strip over the first base sheet strip on the far left then pull it under the second base strip and then pass it over the third base strip. Continue on to the end and keep alternating in this way until you reach the end of the weaving mat.


_4181438Looks pretty solid! You can then remove the tape or fold it across the edge and do the same for the other side to secure the weaves and keep them from unraveling.

For a fun twist to this project, suggest that the kids switch weaving strips with a partner! 


Did you get to experiment with this project? Send us photos of your wacky colored weaving mat and be featured in an upcoming post! Questions? Comments or suggestions? Contact us through the contact form. We’d love to hear from you!

7 thoughts on “Color Diffusing Paper Weaving Strips

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    • Thanks so much! I want to incorporate as much of the GIFs as possible, I find they’re easier to show step-by-step work than plain photograph after photograph. If you ever try this out, let me know! I’d love to put up a post about your work! 😉

    • Thank YOU for your suggestion! That would be a great idea; I’ve heard that laminating machines don’t cost so much to purchase anymore so it could definitely be a possibility!

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