All Aboard the Paper Popz School Bus!

Feature-Image-paperpopzDon’t get left behind! Let’s have an adventure with Paper Popz and Stencils to make this exciting decorative school bus! I’d really like to see what kinds of designs your students will come up with. Try out this activity and send us your photos to be featured in a special post! This activity is super simple and can be completed during a rainy recess period. Or, if you have especially studious children who finish their work early, keep them occupied with this art activity until the next class begins!

Duration: 15 minutes

Age: 3-7

You’ll Need: 

R15648 Paper Popz

• R5850 Mega Stencils with Wild Rulers

• Glue

• 11 x 17″ sheet of paper

• Pencil

• Fine-point marker

Line-13I’m a true believer that using stencils in children’s early years is important for their artistic development. We can spend hours teaching a child to draw a freehand circle but to experience the full effect of the real-life shapes they attempt to draw, they need to literally feel the lines, curves and corners that make up the shape. A stencil helps guide this process of coordination as children who are developing their fine motor skills must first hold down the stencil with one hand and trace with the other. The shape that emerges is a recognizable shape. Children respond to things they recognize and will attempt to perfect what they’ve drawn. Pretty soon, there’ll be no more need for stencils as children build proper control of their fine motor muscles and can begin to draw images from memory. This will inspire them to experiment with their artistic abilities and try drawing all kinds of shapes that they see out in the world. Who knows! One of your students may realize she will want to become a school bus designer one day!

_3261061Find the bus stencil in your set of R5850 Mega Stencils with Wild Rulers and pop it out from the plastic backing. The stencils are large enough for young fingers to manipulate and fit easily on a legal size sheet of paper. The R15648 Paper Popz can be placed into a classroom bowl (like these ones here!) to eliminate having scattered pieces clutter your students’ workspaces.

_3261066Place the school bus in the center of the sheet of 11 x 17″ paper. Use the pencil to trace the outside of the bus and trace the inner windows.

_3261070Drag the glue stick across one part of the school bus such as the wheels. I’ve chosen the heart shaped R15648 Paper Popz to make up the wheels. Choose four heart shaped R15648 Paper Popz and connect their points in the center of the wheel. Press down to secure onto the glued part.

_3261071Next trace the parts in between the windows with glue. Find a few squiggly shaped and leaf-like R15648 Paper Popz and use them to border the windows.

_3261073Complete the remaining bordered parts of the bus with more squiggly R15648 Paper Popz. Notice that I used mostly patterned R15648 Paper Popz to get this effect.

_3261077Now for the fun part! Fill in all the white space between the squiggly R15648 Paper Popz border with solid colored shapes.

_3261080Use the remaining large and small heart shaped R15648 Paper Popz pieces to fill in the roof of the bus.

_3261084Now fill in the window spaces with drawings of your classroom friends! Draw the faces first with pencil then go over top with fine-point marker. You can also paste wallet-sized classroom portraits of your students into the windows. Here’s an idea: Get students to make school buses for each of their classroom groups. They can fill in the spaces with each of the faces of their group buddies and paste them up on the classroom walls. That way, every student in your class will get the chance to ride the school bus!


Beep-beep! Send us photos of your decorated school buses to get featured in a special post. Contact us through the contact form.

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