Blast Off! Paper Rocket


Set a course to new heights with this rip-roaring rocket!We’re looking forward to the Saturn Opposition for this post! You’ll be able to spot Saturn in the eastern sky during sunset on April 28. Earth will be directly across from Saturn as both planets make their trajectory around the sky. Check out the article “Give Me Five Minutes, I’ll Give You Saturn” from for more details!

Duration: 20 minutes

Age: 5-9

You’ll need:

• R15303 Retro Pop Paper

• R2172 Tissue Circles

• Scissors

• Tape

• White glue

• Yarn

• Hole punch



Choose a sheet of decorative paper to make the outside of your rocket. Roll the paper into a tube with your favorite printed side facing out. Tape the edges together to hold the tube in place.


Next, punch two holes opposite each other through the top edge of the rocket tube. Tie an end of the string to each hole. This will form a loop by which you can hold up the rocket tube.


To make the topper for the rocket, cut out a circle from a separate sheet of decorative paper. The circle should be two times larger than the circumference of the tube.


Find the center of the circle and mark it with the point of a pencil. Cut a slit into the circle up to the center point. Take both edges and slide them past each other to make a cone shape. Note: Leave a bit of a gap in the point at the top of the cone. This will allow you to thread string through and secure the cone to the tube. Tape the edges of the cone to hold in place.


You can also cut across the point at the top to create the space you need for threading the string through.


Next, thread the ends through the hole in the top of the rocket cone.


Making the rocket flames is easy! Take two or three colored tissue circles. Start from the outer edge and cut a spiral into the circle. You can use scallop-edged scrapbook scissors for an extra pop effect. Use different colors. Gently tug one end of the spiral to form a ringlet.


Tape the top of the flame ringlet to the underside of the rocket.


Now you can hang it wherever the breeze catches it and watch the paper flames dance!


Send us photos of your own space adventure vehicles! Contact us through the contact form.

10 thoughts on “Blast Off! Paper Rocket

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    • Hi Segmation, thanks for your comment! I love finding new ways to incorporate our design papers as they come in a variety of hues. The company originally wanted to produce the papers as simple hues in different shades and tints but we ended up adding patterns to them. So now you can enjoy the patterned AND hued papers and I thought the rockets would be a great way to use them. Stay tuned for more craft ideas I got coming up: we experiment with all the colors of the rainbow in a really BIG project next week (hint hint ;))

  3. These are fantastic and have been added to my todo list. Thanks for stopping by mummy of many talents and also for your comments. Been meaning to drop by here and so pleased I did. Now following and going to try and reblog this post.x

    • So happy you could find inspiration in this blog, and thanks for the reblog!! Crafts bring so many people together with the experience of creating something new and intriguing. If you do try anything, please don’t hesitate to send me a photo! I’d love to feature it in a special post to show how you and your children have interpreted one of the crafts. Sending you sunny wishes!

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