Special Post: Artist Steve Gabany uses our Face Forms!


Artist Steve Gabany was featured as a guest poster on UltimatePaperMache.com and used our R52007 and R52009 Face Forms to create some very intriguing pieces! Continue reading

Special Post: 2 Soul Sisters use our Face Form Masks!

Feature image 2 soul sistersCheck out this talent! 2 Soul Sisters posted a series of photographs of their students’ art projects at their Blogspot site 2soulsisters.blogspot.ca. They used the R52007 Animal Face Forms to make these spectacular animal faces! 

Continue reading

Origami Art!


Origami is a set of age-old paper folding techniques that were developed in Asia. Since then, hundreds of thousands of different folding arrangements were created, allowing paper to be designed into anything from simple boxes to animals and more! We’ve developed some great origami designs to make from our fantastic R15208 Really Big Origami Paper. Continue reading