Double Color Heart Wreath


Just in time for Valentine’s! Send lots of love to a sweetheart or decorate your classroom with this fancy wreath. Double color card is a nifty product of ours–the bright and beautiful colors are visible on both sides so you never have to worry about hiding any white!

You’ll need:

 R22052 Double Color Sheets

• Pencil

• Scissors

• Tape

• Hole punch

• Yarn


This wreath is made up entirely of hearts! I’ll show you the best way to make these hearts from strips of paper. It might take a bit of work to hold the whole thing together, but once you got the hang of it, it’s a piece of Valentine’s day cake!

Take several sheets of the R22052 Double Color Sheets and stack them together in a pile. Choose colors that coordinate or match together. Use your scissors to cut the sheets into 1″ strips. Since the R22052 Double Color Sheets are 8 x 9″, it doesn’t matter much which side you cut along. Just make sure that you keep the side you cut along consistent on all the sheets.

You can cut any even number of card strips, however, I recommend that young children stick to making about 8 strips of card for a nicely sized wreath (about 7″ in width).

_A111871Fold each of the color card strips in half. This will make the point for each of the card hearts. Fold up every single strip of card.


Place one finger on the folded edge of the strip of paper. With your other hand, curl half of the strip of paper inward to make one curve of the heart. Flip the strip over and repeat for the other side. When you pinch the folded edge and hold the strip upright, the two halves should curve inward to make a heart shape. Use tape to secure the two halves of the strip together.


Once you are finished making each of the strips into hearts, place two hearts side by side with each other so that the bottom points meet and the edges are touching. Tape the hearts together by wrapping the tape over the joined edges. Repeat on both sides of the hearts if needed._A111875

Continue joining and taping the edges of the hearts all the way around the wreath. Your finished piece should look something like this!_A111878

You might want to hang this beauty somewhere for all to see! For that, you’ll need to pull out the hole punch. Punch two holes through the top of one heart curve. _A111881

Punch holes through a heart curve that’s about seven heart curves over from the first one. Tie the ends of a length of yarn at both hole punched hearts. _A111883

Now it’s ready for display! The best part about this wreath is that it’s easy to make but super stylish! The hearts are smoothly incorporated into the design so that the wreath can be used for other special events–just decorate with large pompoms or outline with glitter glue.

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