Snowflake Crowns


An easy craft for younger grades, the end result is simple but effective. Make a charming winter crown using R58622 Super Snowflake Stencils and a variety of blue pencil crayons. The snowflake stencils are easy enough to trace around and large enough for little fingers to hold down. 

You’ll need:

 R58622 Super Snowflake Stencils

• Sheet of paper 8.5 x 11″ 

• Blue color shades of pencil crayon

• Ruler

• Scissors

• Tape


For this activity, you will need to set up your snowflake stencils. Each of the stencils comes attached to a backing. You will need to pop out each stencil from the backing before tracing.

Set your sheet of paper horizontally so that the long sides are at the top and bottom. Measure 1/3 of the way up the page from the bottom of the page and place the ruler horizontally across the page. Trace a horizontal line with one of the blue pencil crayons.


Next, pop out the snowflake stencils from their backings and choose one stencil to use as the base shape for the crown. Align the center of the stencil with the drawn line then trace along the outside edge of the stencil.


Place a second snowflake over top of the previous traced design. Once again, align the center of the stencil with the horizontal line. Trace the second stencil onto the sheet of paper and then remove. The image below shows what the second stencil design will look like over top of the first. Students can choose their combinations of stencils. This will vary the design of the crown so that no two crowns are alike–just like snowflakes!


Use many different types of snowflakes to achieve a unique look. Remember to place the center of every stencil along the drawn line. To make the the outside edges of the crown, slide the stencils further towards the outside of the page and trace. Repeat the tracing for the other side. Once you have finished tracing out the designs, fold the sheet of paper in half vertically.


Start from one side and cut around the outside edges of the snowflake shapes but be sure to leave a bit of white border around the edges. With the sheet folded it will be quicker to cut the crown out. In addition, both sides of the crown will be even so that the design will appear symmetrical.


Cut out two strips of paper from a second sheet of paper. The strips should be about 1 1/2″ wide and about as long as the crown itself. Use the two strips to adjust the size of the crown. Tape the strips to either side of the bottom blank area of the crown. Wrap around the student’s head and snip off any excess paper before securing with tape.


Perfect for a winter wonderland! Enjoy wearing your crown on top of a toque or a warm winter cap.


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