Little People Paper Bits Birthday Chart

Birthday ChartThe whole class can celebrate each student’s birthday with this fantastic classroom craft! Hang from the edge of the teacher’s desk or up on the wall for all to see!

The Little People Paper Bits Birthday Chart is a fun way to introduce all your students while keeping track of everyone’s birthdays each month. See who’s got a birthday coming up next!

You’ll need:

R15659 Little People Paper Bits

• Hole punch

• Markers or crayons

• Card paper

• Paper clips

• Card paper

• Scissors

• Pencil

• Glue

Cake Template

Balloons Template

• Strip of bristol paper (about 12 x 20″)

Birthday Chart hole punch

Lay out the strip of Bristol paper onto a flat surface. Use the hole punch to punch twelve holes along the bottom edge of the Bristol paper. These twelve holes represent each month of the year and will be used to hang the Little People Paper Bits. Tip: We’ve punched holes onto the decorative birthday cutouts on either side of the chart. Have a look at the images to see where you can space the holes along the chart.

Use a sheet of card paper to make your decorative birthday cutouts. First download and print the provided pdf templates. Use the templates to draw an outline for the birthday cake and balloons onto the card paper. Tip: To save time, print the pdfs onto construction paper. Cut around the outline. Trace the outline onto card paper, cut out, then glue onto the back of the construction paper to make the cutout more stable. Finally, use markers and crayons to color the images in.

Birthday Chart paper clipsPaste the cutouts onto either end of the Bristol paper strip to decorate. Take a pack of regular paper clips. These paper clips will be used to attach the Little People Paper Bits to the birthday chart. You will need 12 in total for the first row. Slip one end of a paper clip through each hole along the birthday chart.

Birthday ChartNext, take a marker and starting from the lefthand corner, write the name of each month from January to December above each hole in the birthday chart. Write a Happy Birthday message across the banner!

Little People Paper BitsNow it’s time to make the Little People Paper Bits. Take several sheets of the Little People Paper Bits and pop out each character from the backing. Take a sheet of colored card Little People Paper Bitspaper or thicker stock paper and fold in half three times.

The paper should now look like a small rectangle. Draw one half of a heart onto the paper starting from the fold line.

Little People Paper Bits

Cut along the drawn line and separate the resulting heart shapes. These heart shapes will be glued to each Little People Paper Bits person. Write the name and birthdate of each student onto the heart shape.

Unfold each remaining paper clip as shown in the image below. Straighten the middle of the paper clip so that both ends are still curved. Use tape to paste the middle of the paper clip to the back of the card heart.

Little People Paper Bits Birthday Chart

Use the curved ends to hook each card heart to each other to form a column.

Little People Paper Bits Birthday Chart

Finally, match each column of students’ names to their correct birthday month. Hook the first heart at the top of each column to the paper clip beneath the corresponding month on the banner.

Keep track of everyone’s birthdays throughout the entire year! You can even make the birthday chart reusable for future students in the next year.

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