Cool Cowboy Kids

Cowboy People Paper CraftYippee-Kay-YAY! Make a great cowboy portrait of yourself using our special Skintone Craft Paper! A great way to introduce your students to each other in class. Alternatively, make the cowboy persons as identifiers for your students’ desks when parents drop by for Parent-Teacher night!

You’ll need:

• R15233 Skintone Craft Paper

• R2143 Really Big Buttons

R15243 Fabulous Fabric Craft Paper

• Glue

• Scissors

• Markers

• Pencil

Choose your skin color paper to start making the face for your cowboy person! Fold the special-color paper in half so that the colored side is on the inside of the folded paper. Start from the top of the fold line and draw one half of a face onto the sheet of paper. Make space at the bottom to draw the neck and shoulders of the cowboy person.

Cowboy People Paper Craft Tracing

Cowboy People Paper Craft TracingNext, choose the printed paper to make the cowboy hat! Fold the sheet of paper in half so that the printed side is on the inside of the folded paper. Place the top edge of the cowboy person’s head one quarter of the way up from the bottom edge of the paper. This will help you to visualize the size of the hat to fit onto the cowboy person’s head. Starting from the top of the fold line, draw a sketch of a ten-gallon hat. Tip: Look online for images of a ten gallon hat. Have fun tracing out the unique shape!

Unfold both the cowboy person head and the ten gallon hat so that the colored side is now facing up. Use crayons or markers to draw a face onto your cowboy head!

Use another sheet of paper to Cowboy People Paper Craft Detailsdraw some hair for your cowboy person. Cut along the outline of the hairpiece and glue behind the cowboy person head. Glue the cowboy head to the front of the head so that the brim of the hat sits right above the eyes. Cut out and glue a band to go across the hat. Decorate the center of the band with a button.

Draw shoulders for the cowboy’s shirt onto a sheet of R15243 Fabulous Fabric Craft Paper and cut out. Glue to the bottom of the cowboy’s neck. Tip: Draw and cut out a bandanna for your cowboy person too!

For the finishing touch, add a sherriff’s star! Cut your star out from a sheet of yellow construction paper and glue onto the right side of your cowboy person’s chest. Now get set to have a rootin’-tootin’ ole time!

Cowboy People Paper Craft

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